cureusonline .com is a United States based online drug store. Our Actionpills team wants to inform you of our privacy policy, which you can read it here. However, the Site’s traffic comes from pretty much every country. We never sell your personal data, rent, buy, with any other company. We use some personal information of our customers to enhance the customer experience better. We have a Privacy policy that explains how we use customer personal information and, what your Rights are? Please read it carefully. By using our service & providing personal information to us, you agree to our privacy policy. Once you enter the personal information, there is no need to enter the details again. You can proceed directly on our website. Actionpills is an online pharma website. Our main Moto is to provide online medicine service to the customers’ doorstep in the USA

Why do we ask you to share personal information?

  • You can reach with a better experience
  • You will be notified whenever we add, change products.
  • Notified you about the discounts
  • Notified you to refill the medicine by sending the mail
  • Any information you need can be obtained from our customer support team

What we collect through Cookies

When you enter on our website there is a small collection of data which is Cookies when you allow us to track your personal information. So we track your IP Address, web browser & what type of product you were looking for & that you liked which you went to the other website. We use cookies to know your preferences & improve your online experience by enhancing our services more. Once you close the browser & clear the cookies, our cookies will be discarded. By refusing our cookies some of our actionpills pages may not work properly.

Information you share with us other through comments

When someone inquires through their question on our websites related to medicine, we try to respond & help them with answers. You can ask your question by sharing some of your personal details on our website. You can also get in touch with us by calling us. We never disclose our customers’ personal information unless the government asks us to.

Third-party Role

Before sharing your personal details with third parties, please ensure they will not misuse your personal data. We never share our customer details with any other third-party sites. The aids are displayed on our website, but that is not from our side. These are from a third-party site. We are not liable for any money related loss. If you paid them money or if they committed any fraud with your personal information or money.

The information that we collect:-

  • Your Email Address
  • Your Complete name
  • The address: State, Province, Postal/Zip Code, City where you want to deliver the product
  • Cookies
  • Usage data

Concerning your personal data?

If you have a query related to your personal information, how we collect & handle it reach us at [email protected]